Happy Birthday Jhon, Happy Jhonashthami Happy Birthday Jassica!
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Welcome to the official website for Halchal Group. A place to find all the activities related to Halchal and it's associations. This website has been made with the target for providing information about latest news, events, projects, pictures etc about Halchal Group. Here you will also be notified about our press releases, yearly sessions, various reports and official statements.
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In Our Latest Radio
Podcast 16 June 2015
In the latest episode of Halchal
Radio, we bring you the exclusive
talks between the Halchal Group
members talking about the future
plans of the Group. Also listen,
how and when the group
transformation will take place.
Who We Are
Halchal Group was started by 3 young and enthusiastic kids from a small city
Ajmer. Started as a club-house initially, that club was taken further and used as
a think pad.  These kids are now grown up and are working professional.

Nirupama Mandal aka Jhon is now a Data Management Professional and has
assisted with many companies in the industry. Arpana Sahu aka Jassica is
now a clerical professional. She has worked with over 5 companies and
currently assisting in Ajmer Wholesale Bhandar Ltd.  Where as Chandan
Mandal aka Jaimy is a IT professional and he does manage the online
department at Halchal Group.
What We Do
Halchal Group is full of fun. We organize various events and activities that
benefit the young generation. Along the side we also introduced many
interactive services like Halchal Radio in the past and willing to take more such
projects in the future.

With the updated nature of the group we are able to think beyond. Currently, we
are focusing on multimedia, information technology and social services. In the
future we plan to experiment with different industries like food, fashion etc.

Have something to say? A question, or a business query may be? Drop them
at grouphalchal@gmail.com | +919314264176