Halchal Group is a team of young, creative and enthusiastic people trying to bring a positive change in the society by their numerous efforts. It is headquartered at Ajmer in Rajasthan state which hosts the famous shrine of Moinuddeen Hasan Chishti and the world famous temple of lord Brahma in Pushkar.
A Brief History
Halchal Group was found by 3 kids in 1998, back then as a play-club which later turned into a hub of turning fantasies into reality.

What We Do
Halchal Group is full of fun. We organise events and activities that benefit our generation. Along with this we also run interactive services like Halchal Radio in which we talk to everyone about making this world a better place. For living we do some sort of IT-things, which is something we do to showcase our creativity.

The Essence of Halchal Group
For any team to standout there must be a strong foundation to hold everything up. At Halchal Group the foundation lies upon one of the greatest elements of life, which is our belief. With this element in place we put our 4 pillars of quality. These are the qualities which make us stand out in the crowd.
Quality: We believe in quality over quantity
Always Fresh: We respect the nature and we respect change.
Creativity: Every time you come to us, you will find something new. We are so obsessed with creativity.
Original: Copy is not our cup of Coffee. We love everything original.

About this Website
This website is a place to find all the activities related to Halchal Group and it's associations. It has been made with the target of providing information about latest news, events, projects, pictures etc about Halchal Group. Here you will also be notified about our press releases, yearly sessions, various reports and official statements.

Final Words
Halchal Group, a team of young and creative people are thriving to achieve impossible with their and innovative brains. With our expertise in information technology, multimedia and digital marketing we want to challenge what seems impossible to others. Approach us and we’ll sit for a coffee. Lets workout how can we benefit each other.
Halchal Group is a team of young and creative people with their expertise in IT, multimedia and digital marketing they are trying to challenge what seems impossible to others.
579, 14th Street, Naval Nagar, Ajmer, Rajasthan (India)
PIN: 305001
+91 - (0)931-4264176
Mon - Sat: 10 AM to 7 PM
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