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Friends Around the World

Back in time when I was a kid, I learnt about the concept of pen-friends or pen-pals. You write letters to someone who is very far from you and you get letters in exchange. In those letters, you would write about yourself, about your family, your town and much much more. Basically, it is an old method to socialise and make friends around the world.

I also heard that in some places your school would organise such activities for students to teach students about different cultures. Although I never had such novelty to write letters to someone, it was fascinating to know how little we know about each other.

An image showing how people wrote letters to their friends around the world.
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I used to think that what it would look like to know someone of my age but from an absolutely different country. Basically, I wanted to make friends from around the world. But I never had a way to connect to someone from a different continent. My interest grew over time and I started watching TV shows where they show you about the people of different cultures. Although I knew those TV shows were making very generalised pictures but it was really exciting to watch different cultures at the same time.

Making Friends on the Internet

During my teenage, I was exposed to the Internet world where for the first time I had something in my control. I used this invention to look around the world and made a few friends. We texted and chatted but I did not get the exact thing I was looking for. I even used social media platforms but I did not have a chance to know someone of my age. Basically, I wanted to know as a kid how different is others’ life than mine. I wanted to share my experience as well. But nothing of this ever happened.

Later due to further studies I dropped my entire interest and focused on building my career. But the interest remained somewhere in my heart.

One night I had this idea of making a blog where I could share my experiences. It would definitely help someone similar to my interest. I want people to read my blog posts and learn about my life. Unlike the movies and books, I share the real-life of my world. If you are someone who would like to learn about a completely different culture you are most welcome here. I will try to show you exactly how I live in my country. I will share my past experiences, my school, my college etc.


My name is Chandan Mandal. I live in India. I am a software developer. I love knowing people from around the world. Here I am trying to show you the culture and society I live in. I would love to make friends from around the world. If you would like to know me more or if you have questions, please write to me through the contact page. I would love to respond. I try to post every week, hopefully, you will like my efforts.